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International Development Advisors

Building training and research standards for innovation and sustainable outcomes

Welcome to the NAKHLATEC website run by Professor Sinclair H. Mantell

and his associates. Sinclair is a Fellow of  the Chartered Institute of Horticulture of the UK and

was formerly Head of UAPS (Unit for Advanced Propagation Systems, Agriculture, Horticulture and

The Environment, University of London, Wye College). With research colleagues and students, he

pioneered applications of plant tissue and cell culture to tropical crops. After 45 years in this field

he is now a senior technical consultant to international agencies and commercial micropropagation

companies. More recent initiatives have been based in the UK, Sweden, Kenya, Malaysia and Morocco.


NAKHLATEC was established in 2003 to provide advisory and research training services in:

· Raising practical standards of horticulture and related applied plant science research to stimulate wealth creation though innovation; 

· Biotechnology and uses of plant tissue and cell culture for field and protected crops so as to assist the breeding of a new generation of crops;

· Developing food resilience strategies to address unpredictable global environmental changes and catastrophic degradation of biodiversity; and

· Scientific capacity building and technology enhancement to improve research outputs for problem solving and sustainable management

The NAKHLATEC targets of building training and research standards for “making things happen” are:

1.   Increasing effective stakeholder participation in research projects so as to foster and support sustained interactions between stakeholders and early to mid-career scientists who are members of cross-disciplinary research teams investigating relevant issues related to the sustainable use and management of important water and biological resources. This activity is spearheaded by a new science communication training platform Strides (the Scientific Training and Research Initiative for Development, Education and Sustainability). To achieve the fully operational programme of STRIDES, NAKHLATEC has teamed up with the George Boole Foundation in the UK which has already over 30 years’ experience in advancing Decision Analysis, Micro and Macro Economic Performance and on-line Virtual Dossier Systems such as Accumulog. These project planning and design elements are key components of improving research management standards in both rural and urban development activities.

2.   Extending the use and effectiveness of hydroponic and aquaponic techniques applied to producing food in cities and homes of the future, for which the term Urbanoponics is a collective term given to encompass soilless plant growing and fish culture (i.e. hydroponics, aeroponics + aquaculture).  NAKHLATEC is currently a member of a consortium Urban Ecosystems ( based in Malmö, Sweden. Through a recently concluded international competition, an effective sustainable close-the-loop commercial urban plant production facility has been designed to exploit residual heat derived from nearby industrial and international research facilities. Until recently such residual heat was being disposed of as heated water in local streams and rivers.  The low temperature heat resource is now being captured and used to great economic advantage for many domestic and industrial purposes including production of food in cities.

NAKHLATEC technical know-how assists private enterprises, governmental research and in-service training departments, universities and international development agencies. Agriculture, horticulture and forestry sectors have benefitted from its specialist knowledge directed towards multidisciplinary activities of rural development, biotechnology and higher education covering:

·  Climate change resilience management;

·  Rural development project formulation and implementation;

·  Natural Resource Management;

·  Food security: value chains and up-scale/down-scale production issues;

·  Biodiversity conservation and management.

A visual description of datepalm micro-propagation, in which NAKHLATEC and its associates have built up extensive experience, is presented on the website. Also there are listings of earlier scientific publications and scientific conference proceedings under Publications and Presentations, respectively. Updated material on Urbanoponics in the temperate home garden and kitchen is available as well as information on innovations like the Planetary Rotogro for urbanoponic applications.




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Donors and other potential stakeholders interested in the STRIDES Concept and

its range of Project Design  and Management Launchpad Workshops, please refer to the STRIDES website (revamped version launched mid-February 2018)

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